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California Utility Company Can Help Farmers Save Water During Drought

orchard drip irrigationCalifornia Utility company, PG&E, sees a big opportunity to help farmers reduce their water use and electricity use, at the same time. By doing so, it can save precious water, help farmers save money, and help the power company itself reduce overall electricity demand – which means avoiding having to build costly new power plants.

PG&E has a few tools at its disposal, the biggest being financial incentives to help farmers switch to water-saving technologies such as drip irrigation. Continue reading

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Irrigation Efficiency Rebate Program

The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and Staples Energy have collaborated to offer growers the “Low-Pressure Irrigation Efficiency Program” — a great opportunity for growers to save energy and water. People who participate will also get a free energy assessment of their current irrigation system and learn about other PG&E programs available.

Efficiency Made Affordable: Qualifying projects receive $5.00 per low-pressure sprinkler replaced or $144 per acre for sprinkler to drip conversions.

Staples Energy is working with a trusted network of irrigation manufacturers and local dealers to assess systems for savings opportunities, as well as provide growers with recommendations on low-pressure sprinklers or drip irrigation conversion options.

Plus, the process is easy, hassle-free, and growers can work with trusted, participating local irrigation suppliers to install the products they choose. The customer product incentives – $5.00 for each sprinkler or $144 per acre for sprinkler to drip conversions – are paid up front, directly to the dealer. That means growers see the incentives come right off the bottom-line price of their installation costs.

Click here to download the Low-Pressure Irrigation Efficiency Program brochure.

Click here for a current list of participating irrigation suppliers and dealers.

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