Irrigation Efficiency Rebate Program

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The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and Staples Energy have collaborated to offer growers the “Low-Pressure Irrigation Efficiency Program” — a great opportunity for growers to save energy and water.  People who participate will also get a free energy assessment of their current irrigation system and learn about other PG&E programs available.

Efficiency Made Affordable:  Qualifying projects receive $5.00 per low-pressure sprinkler replaced or $144 per acre for sprinkler to drip conversions.

Staples Energy is working with a trusted network of irrigation manufacturers and local dealers to assess systems for savings opportunities, as well as provide growers with recommendations on low-pressure sprinklers or drip irrigation conversion options.

Plus, the process is easy, hassle-free, and growers can work with trusted, participating local irrigation suppliers to install the products they choose. The customer product incentives – $5.00 for each sprinkler or $144 per acre for sprinkler to drip conversions – are paid up front, directly to the dealer. That means growers see the incentives come right off the bottom-line price of their installation costs.

In addition to incentives paid for irrigation system upgrades, the Staples Energy SnapShot™ will let growers know what other PG&E-sponsored programs are available to help their bottom line
even more!

Replace Outdated Equipment with Efficient Technology

Every year, California growers use enormous amounts of energy to irrigate fields, orchards and vineyards. Efficient irrigation technologies can reduce the amount of both energy and water required for irrigation, while still maintaining yield and production.

Staples Energy uses an iPad application to perform a free Energy SnapShot of existing irrigation systems, which will estimate energy, water and cost savings that could be realized by participating in the Low-Pressure Irrigation Efficiency Program.

The Energy SnapShot will identify opportunities for upgrading irrigation systems with equipment available through this and other programs. Staples Energy will work with local irrigation dealers to coordinate installation and incentives for new low-pressure sprinklers or sprinkler to drip conversions for each qualifying project.

Low-Pressure Sprinklers

Low-pressure sprinklers will reduce irrigation systems operating pressure and energy required to run a pump. New low-pressure sprinklers will distribute the volume of water crops need.

Sprinkler to Drip Irrigation Conversion

Replacing a high-pressure sprinkler system with drip irrigation reduces energy, water and maintenance costs, while increasing yields and revenue. Switching to drip irrigation also enables crop production in areas where water supplies are depleted or restricted.  Drip tape systems are not eligible.

Program Qualifications

• Small-to-medium growers using 200 kW or less can qualify.
• Improvements must reduce system
operating pressure.
• Grower must have an electricity account with PG&E at the project’s electrical meter.
• Installation must replace previously installed system (installations for new projects do
not qualify).
• Growers work with trusted, participating, local irrigation suppliers.

Designed for Small-to-Medium Operations

Low-Pressure Irrigation Efficiency Program is offered to growers of fruits, nuts and field crops that use less than 500,000 kWh per year or 200 kW for each person ID. (There is limited program availability for operations above this amount). To participate, the grower must be a PG&E agricultural customer.

• During the initial customer meeting, the irrigation dealer will conduct an Energy SnapShot assessment of the irrigation system and a pump analysis to determine the system’s current performance. The customer will be provided with a detailed list of qualifying programs, including an analysis of incentive dollars available from PG&E for the project, an estimate of the annual energy and water savings, and the length of time required for the new equipment to pay for itself.
• If the customer decides to move forward with installation of low-pressure sprinklers or sprinkler to drip conversion, a local irrigation dealer will schedule and complete the work.
• Following the installation, Staples Energy will help the customer take advantage of other appropriate PG&E programs for even greater savings.

More Efficient Irrigation Means More Profits

Energy and water costs are often a significant expense for a
farming operation. Something as simple as changing out a system to include low-pressure sprinklers or drip can substantially reduce these inputs.

Efficient irrigation technology may also decrease maintenance costs and, in the case of drip irrigation, may decrease fertilizer requirements.

Staples Energy’s free Energy SnapShot coupled with PG&E’s low-pressure irrigation incentives make the switch to energy-efficient irrigation much more affordable. Your local energy efficiency irrigation specialist will calculate just how quickly a payback will result from investing in these system change-outs.

Should you choose to install low-pressure sprinklers or a sprinkler to drip conversion, the work will be completed by a local, experienced irrigation dealer who understands the equipment and your operation’s unique needs.

Request Your Energy SnapShot Today

For more information, to request a free Energy SnapShot, or if you are a dealer looking to become eligible / trained, call 1-888-324-0930.

Ron Zastrow

Theresa Sebasto

Click here for a current list of participating irrigation suppliers and dealers.

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