Toro Ag releases Aqua Flow 5.0 | Elevating drip irrigation design to new heights.

Toro Ag, the industry leader in agricultural drip irrigation solutions and trusted for its flagship Aqua-Traxx product, is excited to announce the highly anticipated release of Aqua Flow. Building upon our legacy of innovation, Aqua Flow 5.0 represents a milestone in optimizing drip tape irrigation designs and elevating precision water management to unparalleled heights.

Aqua Flow 5.0 introduces a host of improvements and enhancements that will revolutionize how users interact with Toro’s drip irrigation design assist software. The key highlights of Aqua Flow 5.0 include:

  • Streamlined Experience Across all Devices

Aqua Flow 5.0 features rebuilt code to optimize the user interface and server functions, ensuring a streamlined experience across multiple devices. The responsive design adapts to all screen formats with improved touch and stylus interaction. Users can access Aqua Flow from any device for a seamless experience.

  • Enhanced Security and Encryption             

Aqua Flow 5.0 prioritizes data security with the web version, ensuring secure server connections and real-time data encryption to safeguard your information and devices.

  • Faster, more Robust performance

Unleash the power of Aqua Flow 5.0 and elevate your drip irrigation designs to new heights. Aqua Flow’s cutting-edge algorithms ensure lightning-fast calculations, seamless data processing, and unrivaled performance. Experience an irrigation design process like never before!

“We believe that Aqua Flow 5.0 will elevate your drip irrigation designs to new heights, empowering users with advanced capabilities, enhanced security, and a seamless multi-device experience,” said Eduardo Mendίas, Aqua Flow Program Manager at Toro Ag.

Visit Toro’s website and upgrade to Aqua Flow 5.0 today to unlock the full potential of your drip irrigation designs. For more information and assistance, please get in touch with our support team at

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