Advantages of Drip Irrigation

Healthy crops growing in a field thanks to drip tapeToday it is more important than ever to use water resources wisely and to irrigate intelligently. Consequently, many farmers have turned to drip irrigation and have enjoyed improved profitability by increasing crop yield and quality while at the same time reducing costs from water, energy, labor, chemical inputs and water runoff. Many landscapers have also enjoyed significant water and capital investment savings using drip irrigation, while simultaneously improving plant vigor by delivering water and nutrients directly to the plant roots and avoiding unnecessary wetting of plant leaves.

Drip irrigation is the targeted, intelligent application of water, fertilizer, and chemicals that when used properly can provide great benefits, such as:

  • Increased revenue from increased yields
  • Increased revenue from increased quality
  • decreased water costs
  • decreased labor costs
  • decreased energy costs
  • decreased fertilizer costs
  • decreased pesticide costs
  • Improved environmental quality

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