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Greenhouse & Nursery Drip System

The greenhouse and nursery business has a profound affect on general agriculture and landscape plantings around the world, in addition to fresh fruit, vegetable and flower production.  This is because high density nursery and greenhouse plantings are often replanted on much larger tracts of agricultural or landscape land later, and/or reflect significant revenue sold fresh.  Water is an essential ingredient in plant growth, and nowhere is it more important than in the nursery and greenhouse business where natural rainfall is either non-existent or grossly inadequate.  Drip irrigation technology was developed decades ago and has been adapted in a myriad of ways to assist in achieving high yields, improved quality, and reduced costs, while avoiding the runoff and deep percolation issues associated with other irrigation technologies in the nursery and greenhouse environment. Greenhouse and nursery operators have reaped the benefits of drip irrigation technology in a number of ways.  In field

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Landscape Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation technology has evolved into a popular way for landscapers to maximize the aesthetic beauty and quality of landscapes, while at the same time optimize resource use and reduce damage and risk from applying water to non-planted areas.  In short, landscapers typically use drip irrigation where it doesn’t make sense to use traditional sprays or sprinklers, or to water by hand.  The following are advantages to using drip in landscape applications: Water is confined to the targeted plant’s rootzone, so overspray onto sidewalks, buildings, cars and roadways is prevented. Flow rates and application rates are typically very low, so runoff from heavier soils, or steep slopes, may be avoided. Water is not applied into the air so wind drift or pattern distortion does not occur. Plants are not wetted which can result in the reduction of disease. Weed growth is reduced if non-targeted areas are not wetted. Water is

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Agriculture Irrigation Systems

The agricultural business produces the food, fiber, and fuel that enhance people’s lives all over the world. Water is an essential ingredient to crop production, and where rainfall does not occur naturally, or in the right amount at the right time, farmers must irrigate.  Drip irrigation technology was developed decades ago and has evolved into a popular way for farmers to maximize profits, optimize resource use, reduce risk, and improve their lifestyle. The various benefits of drip irrigation are so significant that the system often pays for itself quickly.  High value fruit, nut, vegetable, and fiber growers were the first to adopt drip irrigation technology because the investment was readily warranted.  Yield and quality enhancements were of primary interest while cost savings and other benefits were secondary.  But as crop inputs such as water, fertilizer, chemicals, fuel and labor become more expensive, or less available, even lower value crops such

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Types of Drip Irrigation Systems & Applications

Drip irrigation is a technology widely used in agriculture, landscape, greenhouses, and nurseries to apply water directly where it is needed. Drip irrigation minimizes the use of water and enables the injection of fertilizers through the drip irrigation system while at the same time growing healthier plants that have less disease. Click on the following links to learn more about the various applications of drip irrigation: Agriculture Landscape Greenhouse / Nursery Drip Chemigation

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