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Drip irrigation being used on lettuce in a fieldThe agricultural business produces the food, fiber, and fuel that enhance people’s lives all over the world. Water is an essential ingredient to crop production, and where rainfall does not occur naturally, or in the right amount at the right time, farmers must irrigate.  Drip irrigation technology was developed decades ago and has evolved into a popular way for farmers to maximize profits, optimize resource use, reduce risk, and improve their lifestyle.

The various benefits of drip irrigation are so significant that the system often pays for itself quickly.  High value fruit, nut, vegetable, and fiber growers were the first to adopt drip irrigation technology because the investment was readily warranted.  Yield and quality enhancements were of primary interest while cost savings and other benefits were secondary.  But as crop inputs such as water, fertilizer, chemicals, fuel and labor become more expensive, or less available, even lower value crops such as grains, forage, fiber and fuel benefit as well as buy propecia online.  Drip irrigation is especially popular where sustainable, organic agriculture is enabled.  Although more difficult to quantify, prevention of irrigation runoff or deep water percolation provides significant benefits as well.

Agriculture irrigation systems converting to drip irrigation is much like buying and learning to use any new technology.  It is best to start by doing a little research, then find someone you trust to help with the design, installation, operation, and maintenance.  Drip irrigation is different from gravity or sprinkler irrigation and can be highly customized to an individual operation.  For best results, find someone who understands both drip irrigation and your farm.

If you’re ready to get started, your in the right place.  At, we provide drip irrigation best practices, how-to guides, tips, trends, videos, drip irrigation testimonials, and all the latest drip irrigation news.  We hope you take advantage of the experience and knowledge of, and that you join the thousands of farmers who have reaped the benefits of converting to drip irrigation.

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