Financial Benefits of Drip Irrigation

Steven & Chris Cox standing in their field
Steven & Chris Cox, Cox Valley View Farms, Long Island, KS

It is a common misconception that a drip irrigation conversion will take several years to pay for itself.  In fact, farmers and landscapers converting to drip irrigation have realized quick drip irrigation benefits, payback and substantially improved profits.

For example, a corn and soybean farmer in Nebraska installed a drip irrigation system originally believing that the conversion would take over 5 years to pay for itself. But to his surprise, it took less than two years!  This is partly because corn prices rose, yields were better than expected and government EQIP funds contributed $330/acre towards the system’s cost.  In addition, costs dropped an estimated $160/acre due to reduced fuel, labor, chemical, fertilizer and cultivation expenses.  Even without subsidies, these benefits would have paid for the system in a little over three years.

The drip irrigation payback chart below depicts 3 different “payback” scenarios based on actual results:

Drip irrigation payback chart using actual results

Drip Micro Irrigation Payback WizardDrip Irrigation Payback Wizard – In as few as four steps, this payback wizard will quickly provide an estimate of how long it will take to recover the costs of investing in a drip irrigation system and estimate how many additional acres could be irrigated with conserved water.  Click here to find out how quickly a drip irrigation system can pay for itself.

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