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Toro Announces Exclusive Partnership with YAMIT Filtration for North America Markets

The Toro Company and YAMIT Filtration today announced a strategic partnership to provide advanced irrigation filtration systems for agricultural and greenhouse operations. The exclusive collaboration makes Toro the sole supplier of YAMIT’s industry-leading filtration solutions in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The companies will together offer a range of filtration products that will help improve grower efficiency and streamline operations for Toro Ag customers in North America. The strategic partnership complements Toro’s exceptional and full range of micro-irrigation products, and will allow Toro to better address the needs of row, field and permanent crop growers with a full filtration solution.

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Strawberry Farmer Grows Business, Yield with Toro FlowControl

Toro FlowControl drip tape is changing the way strawberry growers farm. Just ask the folks at Strawberry Hill, USA. They made the switch to FlowControl a few years ago in an effort to improve production yields, conquer challenging terrain and elevate their business. Thanks to FlowControl, they have been able to irrigate longer runs and uneven terrain, improve uniformity and crop yield, reduce clogging, improve installation efficiency, and increase their profitability.

Learn how Toro’s FlowControl drip tape helped Strawberry Hill improve their irrigation uniformity, grow their business and meet their goals.

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Drip Tape Recycling Now Available

The Toro Company is pleased to announce a new drip tape recycling service in California’s Central Coast region.  The on-farm pick-up service is now available to all Toro growers with qualifying Toro drip tape purchases.  The service is a result of Toro’s ongoing commitment to help farmers maximize production with efficient, sustainable drip irrigation practices. 

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5 Reasons to Switch to FlowControl Drip Tape

Growers are switching to FlowControl drip tape. Why? For starters, better uniformity and better clog resistance 5 reasons to try FlowControl drip tape now.

  1. Better uniformity – even in hilly terrain
  2. Clog resistance
  3. Increased profitability through higher yields and lower system cost
  4. Exceptionally better value versus pressure­ compensating drip tapes
  5. Longer lengths of run
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Husker Harvest Days 2018 Planner – Top Picks for Nebraska Farm Show

Husker Harvest Days 2018 is almost here! Thousands of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors will descend upon the Husker Harvest Days field in Wood River, Nebraska for 3 full days of ag festivities.

We’ve got quite a line up planned for Husker Harvest Day 2018.  We’ll have agronomists and industry experts on hand all week long to answer your irrigation questions.  On Wednesday, we’re hosting a special Lunch & Learn around 12pm.  Be sure to drop in to booth 738 to catch a brief session on how you can win with drip irrigation and fertigation.

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How some Farmers are turning to Drones, Aerial Imaging for help with Drip System Maintenance

Ongoing drip system maintenance helps lengthen the life of the drip tape and improves its performance – and helps maximize farm profitability.

Maintenance practices are evolving as quickly as irrigation technology itself. In the past, lines were flushed with N-phuric acid and visual scouting was used to identify hotspots.

Today, fixed wing aircraft, satellites, and drones equipped with high tech cameras are used to scout large acreages quickly and efficiently, revealing problems in real time. And the results are nothing short of spectacular.

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New World Water Day episode of The Water Zone Ag this Thursday

Tomorrow, March 22, 2018 at 6p.m. PST on The Water Zone Ag Radio Show, tune in for an extra special Ag episode in honor of World Water Day 2018 hosted by agricultural irrigation veterans, Inge Bisconer and Paul McFadden.

Inge and Paul will host Dr. Glenda Humiston, vice president of the University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.   They’ll discuss the 2018 Farm Bill currently being crafted by Congress, and the implications for California agriculture.  They’ll also talk to Dr. Humiston about Sustainable California, the University of California’s newly launched media and web initiative.

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The Toro Company Names Director of Marketing for Agriculture Business

The Toro Company has announced Ralf San Jose as director of marketing for Toro’s agricultural business.  Prior to joining Toro, San Jose held various marketing and senior leadership roles both in the United States, as well as internationally and throughout Latin America. In his new role, San Jose will oversee Toro’s marketing and product development strategy for the agricultural market.

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