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Toro Transpira™ Wins 2023 New Product of the Year

EL CAJON, Calif.(January 15, 2024)– Toro Ag is proud to announce that TRANSPIRA™ has been awarded the 2023 New Product of the Year Award in the Agriculture Irrigation Category by the Irrigation Association. This recognition is a testament to Toro’s commitment to advancing innovation and sustainability within the agricultural industry. Toro Transpira, a cutting-edge product designed to measure plant water consumption via direct plant sensing, caught the attention of experts and customers alike. Through a collaboration with technology partner Treetoscope Ltd., this groundbreaking technology enables farmers to optimize water usage, reducing environmental impact while maximizing crop yield. As water scarcity becomes an increasingly critical global issue, Transpira stands out as a valuable asset for sustainable agriculture. “Toro Ag is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the agricultural sector,” said Neville Mody, general manager for Toro Ag. “Toro Transpira represents a leap forward in water conservation and precision

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Toro Ag releases Aqua Flow 5.0 | Elevating drip irrigation design to new heights.

Toro Ag, the industry leader in agricultural drip irrigation solutions and trusted for its flagship Aqua-Traxx product, is excited to announce the highly anticipated release of Aqua Flow. Building upon our legacy of innovation, Aqua Flow 5.0 represents a milestone in optimizing drip tape irrigation designs and elevating precision water management to unparalleled heights. Aqua Flow 5.0 introduces a host of improvements and enhancements that will revolutionize how users interact with Toro’s drip irrigation design assist software. The key highlights of Aqua Flow 5.0 include: Aqua Flow 5.0 features rebuilt code to optimize the user interface and server functions, ensuring a streamlined experience across multiple devices. The responsive design adapts to all screen formats with improved touch and stylus interaction. Users can access Aqua Flow from any device for a seamless experience. Aqua Flow 5.0 prioritizes data security with the web version, ensuring secure server connections and real-time data encryption

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Toro Ag Dedicates Violante Training Center

Toro Ag is pleased to announce the dedication of our new training center in honor of John Violante, a beloved member of our team who passed away last year. The Violante Training Center will serve as a lasting tribute to John’s legacy and dedication to excellence in training and development. Located in Riverside, California, the Violante Training Center will be the hub for our training and development programs for agriculture products and technologies. This facility will host various internal and external training programs, such as employee technical training, dealer fly-in sessions, and customer workshops. John was known for his unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and his dedication to training and development was unmatched. He fostered strong relationships with dealers and growers by being transparent and working collaboratively to find solutions to help our customer base. He led by example as a mentor, offering his time and advice to new team

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The Toro Company Releases 2022 Sustainability Report

 The Toro Company (NYSE: TTC) today released its Sustainability Report for fiscal 2022, highlighting progress made in support of its strategic priorities, advancements in new technologies, and efforts to foster a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. The report also details the results of a materiality assessment conducted in 2022 to confirm the company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities and determine key areas of focus for the enterprise’s short and long-term sustainability journey. The full report can be found at The commitment to advancing our sustainability goals and helping our stakeholders achieve theirs has never been stronger at The Toro Company,” said  Richard M. Olson , chairman and chief executive officer. “Sustainability is at the heart of how we innovate and is ingrained in our culture of investing in our people, serving our customers, and giving back to our communities. We are excited to share our progress and provide updates on the latest

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Toro Launches New High Performance Irrigation Valve for Ag Market

Toro Ag is setting a new standard for valve performance with the new Toro® 900 Series Valve. Anchored by an innovative, patent-pending valve seat design, the 900 Series Valve gives growers an efficient and reliable foundation for irrigation system control, while offering designers flexible valve sizing to fit a wide range of applications. All these benefits are bundled in a simple, 4-piece valve assembly that allows for easy in-field maintenance. This valve strikes a great balance between simplicity and innovation,” says Adam Setzler, product manager for Toro’s Ag Business. “The distinctive curved profile of the valve seat where the diaphragm meets the valve body creates an easier path for water through the valve, reducing pressure loss and allowing the downstream irrigation system to reach operational flow rates more quickly. This subtle design improvement has an oversized impact on valve performance, while keeping the simplicity and effectiveness of the 4-piece valve

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Toro Ag Launches Transpira™ to Deliver New Insights to Growers

Toro Ag is excited to introduce Toro® Transpira™ – a new platform for measuring plant water consumption via direct plant sensing. Through a collaboration with technology partner Treetoscope Ltd, Toro brings state of the art technology to growers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Toro Transpira adds to the company’s growing range of crop monitoring, decision support and automation solutions, meeting an increasing need for reliable and actionable information on crop water usage and plant health. “With Toro Transpira, we are measuring what matters,” says Adam Setzler, product manager for Toro’s Ag Business. “What makes the application of this technology unique is that we are measuring water usage directly from the plant using a device that is simple to install and manage. This provides growers with a view of the evapotranspiration process in their field that is not available from other monitoring tools on the market.” Advantages of Toro Transpira

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Toro Announces Exclusive Partnership with YAMIT Filtration for North America Markets

The Toro Company and YAMIT Filtration today announced a strategic partnership to provide advanced irrigation filtration systems for agricultural and greenhouse operations. The exclusive collaboration makes Toro the sole supplier of YAMIT’s industry-leading filtration solutions in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The companies will together offer a range of filtration products that will help improve grower efficiency and streamline operations for Toro Ag customers in North America. The strategic partnership complements Toro’s exceptional and full range of micro-irrigation products, and will allow Toro to better address the needs of row, field and permanent crop growers with a full filtration solution.

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Strawberry Farmer Grows Business, Yield with Toro FlowControl

Toro FlowControl drip tape is changing the way strawberry growers farm. Just ask the folks at Strawberry Hill, USA. They made the switch to FlowControl a few years ago in an effort to improve production yields, conquer challenging terrain and elevate their business. Thanks to FlowControl, they have been able to irrigate longer runs and uneven terrain, improve uniformity and crop yield, reduce clogging, improve installation efficiency, and increase their profitability.

Learn how Toro’s FlowControl drip tape helped Strawberry Hill improve their irrigation uniformity, grow their business and meet their goals.

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5 Reasons to Switch to FlowControl Drip Tape

Growers are switching to FlowControl drip tape. Why? For starters, better uniformity and better clog resistance 5 reasons to try FlowControl drip tape now.

  1. Better uniformity – even in hilly terrain
  2. Clog resistance
  3. Increased profitability through higher yields and lower system cost
  4. Exceptionally better value versus pressure­ compensating drip tapes
  5. Longer lengths of run
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