Typical Drip Irrigation System Layout

If you’ve ever wondered how a drip irrigation system works, Toro makes it easy to visualize. A new illustration shows typical drip irrigation layouts with key components for five different types of drip irrigation systems: field crop Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI), short-term vegetable crop, longer-term vegetable crop, vineyard, and orchard. Go to drip irrigation layout to download a copy.

Picture the possibilities.


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  1. I am about to install a high pressure drip line system to over 1/2 acre area. A friend of mine gave me a 12 zone area Toro timer. I would like some advise on square foot per zone and what you would recomend for this size space. I have never used a drip system… Thank You Jon Silverman… Micaville,N.C.

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