New Online Drip Irrigation Calculator – Estimate Application Rates and Run Times

What It Does
This drip irrigation online tool quickly calculates application rates in inches per hour – along with the number of hours required to apply 0.1 inches and 1.0 inches of water – for all Aqua-Traxx and Aqua-Traxx PC models in specific field conditions. The flow rate at the selected pressure is also shown in both gph/emitter and gpm/100′.


How It Works
Choose the Aqua-Traxx model from the pull-down menu, and then enter the tape inlet pressure, the tape lateral spacing and the drip system emission uniformity to calculate your results.

For example, based on EAXxx0834 with an inlet pressure of 10 psi, a tape lateral spacing of 3.5 feet and an emission uniformity of 90%, the calculator estimates a system application rate of 0.9 inches per hour, as well as 1.1 hours to apply 0.1 inches of water or 11.1 hours to apply 1.0 inches of water.

You can enter different data and recalculate the results as often as you like. As you change the input, results instantly change as well. (Note: The application opens with default values in the entry screens, which can easily be changed to reflect your information.)

Reap the Benefits
The new Drip Irrigation Calculator instantly shows application rates for an Aqua-Traxx tape system under varying conditions with various SKUs. That’s information you can use during the tape selection process and propecia. It’s also a great management tool for scheduling irrigations and matching up run times with crop water use.

Try it and see how easy it is to use from the field with your smartphone, or test it out online at Either way, you have a quick new way to estimate this valuable information.

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