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Water Use Efficiency in Alfalfa on The Water Zone

Alfalfa’s been getting a bad rap lately, thanks in part to the drought currently affecting much of the western United States. This Thursday, January 14th, at 6p.m. PST on The Water Zone Radio Show, join special guest-hosts Inge Bisconer and Paul McFadden as they discuss water use efficiency in alfalfa. Continue reading

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Precise Water Usage Boosts Nutrient Uptake

The relationship between nutrient management and soil moisture is a very close one. As fertilizer gets more and more expensive, proper management of this input is critical to help you maintain profitability.

George Hochmuth, professor at the Soil and Water Science Department at the University of Florida, describes the dynamics of the relationship between soil moisture and fertilizer management, and outlines ways to improve your crops’ nutrient uptake through more precise irrigation.

So why is the relationship between soil moisture and fertilizer so important? Continue reading

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