Drip Irrigation Product Catalog – now available in English and Spanish Languages

Toro Micro-Irrigation Product CatalogToro recently announced that its micro-irrigation (aka. drip irrigation) product catalog for the agriculture industry is now available in both English and Spanish languages. The catalog covers Toro’s entire micro-irrigation product offering and highlights features, benefits, and specifications for each product.

However, what’s most interesting is that with the addition of a Spanish language catalog, Toro has displayed its dedication to customers throughout Latin America, as well as its commitment to accuracy and quality. Translating a document is not as simple as it sounds, and direct translations of English documents into Spanish often lose the original intent of their meaning, especially in agriculture.  But in Toro’s case, the Spanish version of the product catalog was meticulously re-written in Spanish to reflect the appropriate language used in Spanish-speaking agricultural regions. It is obvious that special attention was given to the catalog to make sure the concepts written in English were accurately and understandably conveyed in Spanish. The end-product is a catalog that is truly a Spanish-written document.

The comprehensive guide to Toro’s product offering, services, online resources, and educational efforts includes the following sections and can be downloaded for free by visiting toro.com.

• Drip Tape
• Thinwall Dripline
• Dripline
• Hose
• Fittings
• Emission Devices
• Filters
• Valves
• Controllers
• Injectors
• Technical & Educational Resources

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  1. Such a great dedication of toro to his customer by publishing this kind of innovative and creative ‘Drip Irrigation Product Catalog’ which highlights various benefits and specifications for each product.Wonderful post by an author.

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