NEW FlowControl Drip Tape Gives Growers the Best of Both Worlds

FlowControl drip tapeAfter several years of intense and dedicated development, Toro has launched FlowControl Drip Tape, an exciting new product that creates an entirely new category within the drip irrigation marketplace. In the past, growers had to choose between uniformity and control over flow rates. Now, FlowControl drip tape gives growers the best of both worlds: improved uniformity (compared to turbulent flow devices), and superior ability to control the overall system flow rate (compared to pressure-compensating devices).

This innovative new product gives growers a level of control not possible in the past.  Now growers have a new tool to help them achieve their objectives – increasing yield and quality, while at the same time using water, fertilizers and other resources in the best way possible.

The new FlowControl drip irrigation tape category is a better choice compared to both standard turbulent-flow products and traditional pressure-compensating products.  Compared to turbulent-flow drip tape, FlowControl drip tape:

  • improves irrigation uniformity, resulting in better system performance.
  • increases planting and harvest efficiency by farming longer lengths of run without unnecessary submains.
  • gives growers the ability to farm on hilly terrain without sacrificing uniformity or flexibility.

Compared to pressure-compensating drip tape, FlowControl drip tape:

  • allows growers to retain the flexibility to increase or decrease water flow rate, which provides greater control over watering decisions.
  • is available in a wide range of thicknesses (6-mil through 15-mil) to meet the needs of all farming applications.
  • emitter spacing options start at 6” without higher prices for close emitter spacing, since drip tape is sold by the foot, not the emitter.

For more information on the Aqua-Traxx drip tape product line or the new  FlowControl™ drip tape, watch the following video or visit

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