5 Components Of Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems aren’t rocket science. They’re durable and built to last for reasonable lengths of time, and with the proper care, can last far longer than expected. In most cases, the environment and crop application will dictate the type of product you use. Here are five different water distribution / drip irrigation product types:

1. Drip tape: a “line source” drip irrigation lateral product that incorporates a continuously produced flow path emission device into a thin- to medium-walled seamed or extruded tube.

2. Flat emitter dripline: a “point-source” lateral product that incorporates injection-molded emitters into a thin- to medium-walled extruded tube.

3. Oval hose: a sub-main pipe made from polyethylene that is flattened to an oval shape during production to simplify transportation.

4. Layflat: a sub-main pipe made from flexible PVC that is coiled flat.

5. PVC pipe: a rigid pipe available in various thicknesses and cut lengths.

Click here for an example of a typical drip irrigation system layout.

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