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WEBINAR: 2014 California Irrigation Institute (CII) Conference Wrap-Up

Inge Bisconer, Toro Micro-Irrigation Technical Marketing and Sales ManagerThis year’s 52nd annual CII conference was held January 23-24 in Sacramento, CA and was titled “Building a Water and Energy Efficient California”. This webinar, led by 2014 conference president Inge Bisconer of Toro Micro-Irrigation, will provide a round-up of topics pertinent to agricultural irrigation that were presented and discussed during the conference opening panel, joint session, and the three agricultural concurrent sessions including, “Remotely Measuring our Progress”, “Ground Level Implementation – Making it Work”, and “Alliances to Improve On-Farm Irrigation Practices.” If you missed the conference, be sure to register for this webinar to get this year’s agriculture highlights.

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U.S. Water Prize Winners to be Announced at the California Irrigation Institute Conference

The U.S. Water Alliance will announce the 2014 winners of the esteemed U.S. Water Prize on Thursday, January 23, at the 52nd annual California Irrigation Institute (CII) conference in Sacramento addressing water and energy use. Alliance President Ben Grumbles will announce the winners in his keynote directed to the audience of agricultural, urban and environmental water experts.

“Given the urgent and critical challenges California faces due to drought, there couldn’t be a better place to announce and celebrate U.S. Water Prize winners,” explains Grumbles. “America’s future looks bright blue with these shining water stars. Our 2014 winners are leading the way by reducing water waste, reusing water resources, and rethinking watershed strategies and technologies.”

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Water Professionals Gather to Discuss California Drought, Water & Energy Efficiency

Water professionals from around the state are preparing to meet in Sacramento to discuss the future of efficient water and energy use in California, but many are now focusing on an immediate future threatened by drought.

Click here for a graphic and additional information concerning California’s current drought situation.

As a result, California Irrigation Institute conference organizers have secured recently appointed Deputy Drought Manager Jeanine Jones to provide an update during Friday’s luncheon regarding what the state of California intends to do. This bonus presentation has become a draw for many registering attendees at the 52nd annual conference of agricultural, urban and environmental water experts.

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California Irrigation Institute Conference

CIIOn January 23 & 24, the California Irrigation Institute (CII) will be presenting its 2014 conference on “Building a Water and Energy Efficient California.” The conference is the CII’s 52nd annual conference and is a great place to join colleagues, speakers, and exhibitors as we look to improve California’s water and energy efficiency. To register or learn more, visit caii.org.

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