Drip Irrigation Owner’s Manual – Second Edition

Toro has just released the second edition of its Drip Irrigation Owner’s Manual.  It is now available for purchase and/or free download from www.toro.com.  This 129-page, four-color, fully illustrated, spiral-wound document is a comprehensive guide to the operation and maintenance of both new and existing micro-irrigation systems for row, field and permanent crops. The resource comes in both English and Spanish versions, with measurements in English and Metric Units. Chapter titles include:

  • Drip Irrigation System Overview
  • Starting Up Your System
  • Basic System Operation
  • Fertigation and Chemigation
  • Salinity Management
  • System Maintenance
  • Maximizing Your Investment
  • References
  • Appendix
  • System Information

The first edition of the Owner’s Manual was launched two years ago and has been very well received by the industry.  Farmers, dealers, consultants, government officials and academia have all enjoyed using the first edition whether they were new to drip or seasoned veterans.  Either edition (first or second) is a great resource and is a must-have for any irrigator’s resource library.

In addition to the metric translation of both documents, the Spanish version of the Owner’s Manual was meticulously re-written in Spanish to reflect the appropriate language used in Spanish speaking agricultural regions.  Direct translations of English documents into Spanish often lose the original intent of their meaning, especially in agriculture.  However, the Owner’s Manuals’ concepts that were written in English are accurately and understandably conveyed in Spanish.

Print copies of the Owner’s Manual are available for purchase on www.toro.com or your local authorized Toro dealers for $15 each.  Electronic versions may also be downloaded for FREE by visiting www.toro.com/agriculture.  Quick Start Guide pamphlets are also available in print or for download, in both English and Spanish languages. These pamphlets provide a brief overview of the Owner’s Manual and can be used as a quick reference to educate farmers and others about drip irrigation technology.

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