Drip Irrigation Guide: Owner’s Manual

drip irrigation guide for owning, operating and maintaining your drip system - Toro Ag Owner's ManualThe Drip Irrigation Owner’s Manual was developed by Toro to be a comprehensive drip irrigation guide for both new and existing row, field, and permanent crop growers.  Now in it’s Third Edition, the award-winning manual helps growers take full advantage of the precise, efficient, and practical benefits of a drip irrigation system. Topics include drip irrigation system overview, starting-up your drip irrigation system, basic system operation, fertigation, chemigation, salinity management, system maintenance, and maximizing your investment.

This 129-page, four-color, fully illustrated, spiral-wound document is a comprehensive guide to the operation and maintenance of both new and existing micro-irrigation systems for row, field and permanent crops. The resource comes in both English and Spanish versions, with measurements in English and Metric Units. Chapter titles include:

  • Drip Irrigation System Overview
  • Starting Up Your System
  • Basic System Operation
  • Fertigation and Chemigation
  • Salinity Management
  • System Maintenance
  • Maximizing Your Investment
  • References
  • Appendix
  • System Information

The Drip Irrigation Owner’s Manual heavily references both government and academic sources, is beautifully illustrated, and is simply written in lay terms.

Now includes both English and Metric units, and is available in English, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese languages!

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12 Responses to Drip Irrigation Guide: Owner’s Manual

  1. Ed Tausevich says:

    Where can I purchase drip tubing?

    • torodriptips says:

      Would you mind letting us know your location (country, state, and/or zip code)? With that information, we can get you in touch with a local dealer. Thanks.

  2. Michael says:

    Do you have delears in East Africa, Am located in Nairobi Kenya.

    • torodriptips says:

      Hello – I have forwarded your question to our drip irrigation experts in that area and they will get back to you shortly. Thanks for reaching out to us.

  3. Rodney Headrick says:

    Looking for a manual for a older timer, the front has; Toro Green Keeper. I just bought this house and need to know how to work the sprinkler system. Any help would be great.



  4. akjram says:

    i would like to have copy of manual of Toro drip irrigation

  5. Dr. Alao says:

    i am interested in gravity powered irrigation drip.
    Do you have do-it-yourself dripkit that needs no engineering know-how for the installation. if yes, please let me know. thanks.

  6. Keith Lee says:

    Try to download your Drip Irrigation Guide Owner Manual English version several times but fail. Please help.
    Thank you.

  7. Dolors Perarnau says:

    I am irrigation technitian and retailer of TORO irrigation products in Catalonia (Spain) and I had a quick look at the manual… Goog Job!

    I will read it from the begining as soon as I can.


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