5 Reasons to Switch to FlowControl Drip Tape

5 Reasons for using FlowControl Drip Tape over standard drip tape or pressure-compensating drip tape
  1. Better uniformity – even in hilly terrain*
  2. Clog resistance
  3. Increased profitability through higher yields and lower system cost
  4. Exceptionally better value versus pressure­ compensating drip tapes
  5. Longer lengths of run**


Superior uniformity, a benefit of FlowControl drip tape

As pressure changes throughout the irrigation run, standard drip tapes often stress plants and reduce yield and efficiency by over- or under-watering. FlowControl drip tape gives a more uniform irrigation, regardless of elevation changes. So you get better uniformity, and better uniformity can lead to higher yields. Even in challenging terrain that might otherwise be too cumbersome to farm.


Clog Resistance with FlowControl Drip Tape.  Perfect for growing strawberries.

When your standard drip tape and/or hard-emitter dripline get clogged, it often stays clogged. Permanently. But thanks to its patented flexible emitter flowpath, FlowControl works to free debris every time you shut down your system. This helps to remove obstructions and unclog emitters. Along with proper drip irrigation system maintenance, this reduces labor and increases system longevity and crop uniformity.


Increased Profitability, a benefit of FlowControl Drip Tape

FlowControl drip tape can provide more options when it comes to system design. That includes some lower cost alternatives. In many cases, growers can eliminate extra submains or “jumpers” (micro-tubing used to regulate pressure in downslopes) that might have been necessary in standard drip tape designs. This, in turn, saves you money on labor too. These cost reductions, combined with higher uniformity and yields, gives you higher profitability than standard drip tape systems.


Exceptional Value, a Benefit of FlowControl Drip Tape

Hard-emitter pressure-compensating (PC) driplines are only available in expensive, heavier wall thicknesses. Plus, they tend to get pricier at closer emitter spacings. FlowControl, however, offers growers a wider range of  wall thicknesses to meet the needs of all farming applications. That includes more affordable 5/8-inch 6-mil and 7/8-inch 8-mil. Plus, there’s one price for all drip tape emitter spacing from 6 – 24 inches, so you don’t have to pay a premium to get the wetting pattern you want.


Longer Lengths of Run, one of the Benefits of using FlowControl Drip Tape

FlowControl‘s patented and flexible flowpath emitter regulates water flow with changes in water pressure. Not only does this give you a more uniform irrigation, but it also extends your irrigation run length by 20% (on average). Which means you don’t need to spend more upgrading to larger diameter drip tape.


FlowControl drip tape grower review

In the past, we had clogging problems with standard drip tape. But now with FlowControl and the flexible flowpath, we haven’t seen any clogging and our uniformity has improved on our hills and slopes!

Manuel Saavedra – Baja, California

*when compared to standard tapes

**Profitability and yield depend on a number of factors beyond irrigation system performance

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