Using Irrigation Management to Produce Better Plants and Save Money and Resources

Row Crop with Undulating TerrainGrowers increasingly recognize that water and irrigation management is a key element to the success of their operation. Even if the water itself is not expensive, it warrants attention because pumping is costly — and water may carry expensive fertilizers with it. In addition, water increasingly creates management and sometimes regulatory problems when it misses the target or flows beyond the root zones of the plants. A properly watered nursery produces healthier, uniform and more profitable plant material.

So how do busy growers achieve the status of “good water managers?” Like any improvement, it will require the investment of time, money, and perhaps some changes to routine. The investment will pay back in terms of lower bills, improved receipts and the knowledge that uncontrolled water flow is not putting the nursery at risk of regulatory action. If simple irrigation controls are adopted, labor may be cut or made available for other important tasks.

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