Update to AquaFlow Drip Irrigation Design Software

We are excited to announce the latest upgrade to our drip irrigation design software, AquaFlow 4 – available now at toro.com and driptips.toro.com.  AquaFlow 4 may be used online or downloaded onto a computer for use when the internet is not available.
Upgrades to AquaFlow 4 Drip Irrigation Design Software Now Available

The latest version allows the user to input the desired Emission Uniformity (EU) for the lateral, and the program will then provide the corresponding lateral length of run.  This is in contrast to what was available in the past, which was entering a length of run and then having the program report resulting EU.  As a result, the design process will be quicker and more efficient for customers who desire this method.

New Features Now Available on AquaFlow 4 Drip Irrigation Design Software Emission Uniformity (EU) Now on AquaFlow 4 Drip Irrigation Design Software



The online version may be used immediately.  However, before you download the latest version of AquaFlow (version to your computer, make sure to Uninstall any previous versions of AquaFlow first, and to back-up your designs to your hard drive first before hand if you haven’t done so already.  This can be performed in the “Options” pull down menu by choosing Export designs (and then Importing them back into AquaFlow after downloading the new version).

AquaFlow design software is available to all registers users online or downloaded onto a computer from here or here.  Making the right choices in drip irrigation design can be challenging.  AquaFlow 4 drip irrigation design software will help you make better decisions to optimize your investment.

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