Toro Releases upgraded AquaFlow App for Tablets for On-The-Go Field Designs

AquaFlow App for Tablets - Drip Irrigation Design Mobile AppToro is pleased to announce the release of the upgraded tablet app for its popular drip irrigation design software, AquaFlow™, available for both Apple and Android tablet devices. The AquaFlow app is an innovative solution that greatly simplifies the drip irrigation design process and improves accessibility to otherwise complicated drip irrigation design information.

“The upgraded AquaFlow app for tablets creates a more powerful and convenient user experience, as it’s fully integrated across all software platforms – from tablet to desktop,” says Eduardo Mendías, Product Manager for Toro Ag. “Users can now seamlessly access designs created on-the-go in the field, including lateral, submain and flushing information, with their desktop devices later.”

With the new AquaFlow tablet app, users can quickly and easily choose laterals and submains, and instantly view results in tables, graphs and a visually friendly, color-coded uniformity map. AquaFlow even allows users to weigh various design options with one-click, to easily compare one lateral choice versus another.  “Using this feature, users can quickly compare, for example, the emission uniformity (EU) of the design using ordinary drip tape versus a FlowControl drip tape,” continues Mendías.  “With higher EU’s, farmers can become better irrigators to help increase yields, reduce farm inputs and improve sustainability.”

AquaFlow App for Tablets - Available from the Apple App Store AquaFlow App for Tablets - Available from Google Play
In addition to the tablet app, Toro is pleased to announce the release of AquaFlow 5.0 online upgrade that provides faster and more reliable performance than previous versions and improved compatibility with browser improvements.

AquaFlow 5.0 – Drip Irrigation Design Assist Software

Welcome to AquaFlow!

AquaFlow is Toro’s FREE drip irrigation design assist software that provides irrigation designers with a state-of-the-art tool to configure drip irrigation systems for optimum performance.

Available as a web application, AquaFlow can be accessed online with your computer or tablet. To become a registered user, click the following link, accept the User Agreement, and fill all the fields in the Registration Form:

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