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WEBINAR: Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Grain Crop Production

Dr. Freddie LammOn Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 1PM (Pacific Time), the Grange Network will be hosting a 60-minute, FREE webinar to discuss subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) for grain, oilseed, forage and fiber crops. When SDI is used for these lower value crops, careful attention must be given to ensuring system longevity and optimizing crop productivity so that SDI can economically compete with other types of irrigation, including center pivot sprinkler irrigation. The webinar’s presenter will be Dr. Freddie Lamm, a professor and research irrigation engineer at the KSU Northwest Research-Extension Center in Colby, Kansas. Dr. Lamm will provide an overview of typical minimal SDI system requirements to ensure longevity, discuss these lower value cropping systems when used with SDI, and present the challenges and opportunities for SDI.

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