Staples Irrigation Efficiency Program Update

Get Them Before They’re Gone!

Now is the time to submit any rebates you haven’t sent us yet.  Funds are still available but going quickly – don’t wait!

Irrigation Efficiency Program

$144/acre – Veg, Row Crop and Berries Sprinkler-to-Drip:

  • Incentive when converting to drip or micro-sprinklers from high-pressure sprinklers.
  • Drip tape 10 mil or higher or that will be used for at least 5 years qualifies!
  • Good for any conversions that have taken place since January 1.
  • Here’s the application.

$40/hp VFD Incentive:

  • Retrofits since August 1, 2014 or new installs after April 15, 2015 are eligible.
  • Send Staples Energy (contact info below) your invoices and they’ll get them started or fill out the easy application.

Custom Projects

Get in touch with Staples Energy ASAP about any projects that save energy and use less water – projects must be approved by PG&E and installed by November 30th.  There’s still time to get these incentives if you act fast.

About the Program

The Irrigation Efficiency Program is offered by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) in collaboration with Staples Energy to help growers achieve both energy and water savings through more efficient irrigation equipment. Participating PG&E customers will receive a free Energy SnapShot™ — an energy assessment of their current irrigation system – as well as information about other PG&E programs that could be of benefit. Staples Energy is working with a network of irrigation manufacturers and local suppliers that are qualified to identify savings opportunities. Your irrigation dealer will make recommendations on conversion options and calculate the incentive you can qualify for.

Reap the Benefits

  • Work with a trusted local irrigation supplier to install efficient irrigation products.
  • $$$ incentives for irrigation system retrofits designed for energy/water savings.
  • Incentivizing all types of real world, energy-efficient irrigation projects including flood-to-drip.
  • Projects can combine energy and water savings to calculate kWh savings.
  • Incentive of .23/kWh savings available to qualifying projects.
  • Greater irrigation efficiency can substantially reduce energy and water costs.
  • Efficient irrigation technology may also decrease maintenance costs and, in the case of drip irrigation, fertilizer requirements.

Additional Programs Available:

  • $144 per Acre for Vegetables Berries and Row Crops
    • Replace high-pressure sprinklers with drip or micro-sprinklers
    • Increase yeilds and distribution uniformity
  • $40 per HP for Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD) Installation – Download Application
  • $75 per HP for Pump Rehab for Small HP Pumps (less than 25 HP)

Designed for Small-to-Medium Operations

The Irrigation Efficiency Program is offered to growers of fruits, nuts and field crops that use less than 500,000 kWh per year or 200 kW for each person ID. (There is limited program availability for operations above this amount.) To participate, the grower must be a PG&E agricultural customer.


of your irrigation system or learn more about the program:


Theresa Sebasto 1-559-630-2996

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