AquaFlow 4 Upgrade

We are excited to announce the latest upgrade to our drip irrigation design software, AquaFlow 4 – available now at and AquaFlow 4 may be used online or downloaded onto a computer for use when the internet is not available.

In addition to fixing minor bugs, the latest AquaFlow update now includes the following enhancements:

  • The Neptune flat emitter dripline database has been updated with improved flow exponent X and flow coefficient K values.
  • Individual product models within each product family may now be searched by flow rate.
  • A new search feature has been added to help find the Toro tape or dripline model faster.

The online version may be used immediately. However, before you download the latest version of AquaFlow (version to your computer, make sure to Uninstall any previous versions of AquaFlow first, and to back-up your designs to your hard drive first before hand if you haven’t done so already. This can be performed in the Options pull down menu by choosing Export designs (and then Importing them back into AquaFlow after downloading the new version).

Use the online version of AquaFlow now.

-The AquaFlow Development Team


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