AquaFlow 3.2 – Drip Irrigation Design Software UPDATE

The release of AquaFlow 3.2 is Toro’s latest update to its Drip Irrigation Design Software.   AquaFlow 3.2 now allows users to design multi-sloped telescoping sub-mains, and to choose between English or Spanish languages and English or metric units.  In addition, Toro’s new Thinwall dripline is supported in this new version which complements Aqua-Traxx® premium drip tape and BlueLine® dripline.  A summary of the capabilities of AquaFlow 3.2 include:

  • NEW:  Supports Toro’s new Thinwall dripline
  • NEW:  Multi-sloped telescoping sub-mains
  • NEW:  Spanish language
  • NEW:  Metric units
  • NEW:  Improved report printing options
  • NEW:  Ability to import and export designs
  • Unique dashboard format with tiled graphs
  • Instantly generated color-coded block maps that depict system uniformity
  • Easy comparison of two different lateral selections
  • Pull-down menus for easy viewing
  • Multiple slopes in both the lateral and mainline programs
  • Choice of multiple sub-main and mainline pipe types and sizes
  • Lateral and sub-main flushing calculations
  • Customizable reports that may be saved in multiple formats

AquaFlow has been extremely popular since its launch earlier this year.  AquaFlow enables the end user to evaluate drip irrigation design options more quickly and accurately, leading to better, more effective drip irrigation design decisions and systems.  As a result, drip irrigation systems are better able to improve farm profitability and increase resource use efficiency.  The tool has been downloaded by customers in over 80 countries to simplify and improve their drip irrigation designs.  Now, AquaFlow 3.2 is a powerful upgrade that makes the platform even stronger.