Agricultural Irrigation Technology Day on Capitol Hill

Source:  IA Times

Congressman Adrian Smith (Neb.), Congressman Jim Costa (Calif.) and members of the House Modern Agriculture Caucus hosted the first-ever agricultural irrigation technology day on July 22. The Irrigation Association sponsored the event, which consisted of a breakfast briefing and an evening reception.

The breakfast briefing featured guest speakers Derrel L. Martin, PhD (University of Nebraska, Lincoln), Kaomine Vang (Center for Irrigation Technology, Fresno State University) and IA Government and Public Affairs Director John Farner. The presenters spoke to attendees about the current state of agricultural irrigation in the United States and encouraged staff to support efficient irrigation efforts in their districts.

Caucus founder and co-chair, Rep. Smith, kicked off the briefing by welcoming attendees to the agriculture irrigation technology day and offered his insight into the important role irrigation technology plays in growing crops for food, fuel and fiber. Caucus co-chair, Rep. Costa, also gave remarks during the briefing and discussed the use of innovative technologies as a way to address the water challenges currently facing California.

The evening reception consisted of a technology display featuring drip/micro, center pivot, GPS, sprinkler and mobile control irrigation technologies from a number of irrigation companies, including Toro Micro-Irrigation.

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