WEBINAR ALERT: Designing for Uniformity with Toro’s AquaFlow Drip Irrigation Design Software

Learn the ins and outs of Toro’s AquaFlow Drip Irrigation Design Software from the woman who created it! You won’t want to miss out.

Speaker:  Inge Bisconer, Technical Marketing and Sales Manager, Toro

Date: Friday, March 18, 2016

Time: 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern (60-Minute Session)

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Webinar: AquaFlow Drip Irrigation Design Software


Design for Uniformity with AquaFlow Drip Irrigation Design Software
Session Description

Experts and laymen alike have found that AquaFlow Drip Irrigation Design Software is a powerful tool to help configure new, high performance drip irrigation systems and/or to analyze the potential benefit of a system retrofit.

Tune in to learn how to size and select laterals, submains and mainlines to economically achieve high emission uniformity, even in multi-slope, challenging terrain or large block sizes.

Whether you’re an AquaFlow novice or pro, this webinar is a MUST!  Can’t attend? That’s OK! Register anyways and we’ll send you an e-mail with the recorded webinar after the live event!

Be sure to register for AquaFlow before Friday’s webinar.  To become a registered user visit https://driptips.toro.com/design-tools/drip-design-software/

Webinar: AquaFlow Drip Irrigation Design Software



About Inge Bisconer

Inge Bisconer is the Technical Marketing and Sales Manager for Toro Ag in El Cajon, CA. She has worked in production agriculture, co-founded an irrigation consulting firm, and has held various technical, sales, marketing and management positions in the irrigation and water treatment industries over the past 30 years.

Inge holds a BS in agriculture from UC Davis, an MBA in technology management, and most recently authored The Toro Ag Owner’s Manual, a comprehensive guide for both new and existing row, field and permanent crop growers.

Inge also served as President of the California Irrigation Institute, is an Irrigation Association Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) and Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA), and is past-chair of the IA’s Drip/Micro Common Interest Group and it’s Market Development Subcommittee.

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