Types of Drip Irrigation Systems & Applications

Drip irrigation is a technology widely used in agriculture, landscape, greenhouses, and nurseries to apply water directly where it is needed. Drip irrigation minimizes the use of water and enables the injection of fertilizers through the drip irrigation system while at the same time growing healthier plants that have less disease.

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4 Responses to Types of Drip Irrigation Systems & Applications

  1. How many adjustable drips can you put on a single 1/2″ tube and valve assuming low water pressure? I try to make up for low level with longer On time. Walt.

    • torodriptips says:

      Hi, Walt. Thanks for leaving us a comment…and sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Would you mind letting us know your location? That way, one of our drip irrigation experts can contact you and get all the required application information for an accurate recommendation.

  2. Alfredo Eguiguren says:

    We are planning to grow large crops of alfalfa for hay and corn for silage. Over 1,000 acres each one.
    SDI seem to be the right bet if it’s done properly.
    What do you think to grow alfalfa on raised beds with SDI. I like the idea but I’m not quite sure if it is worth it?
    I’d appreciate your comments.

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