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Toro Releases New BlueLine® PC Dripline Emitter Flow Rate

This week, Toro announced a new emitter flow rate for its popular BlueLine® PC dripline, the 0.26 GPH pressure-compensating (PC) emitter. This new 0.26 GPH pressure-compensating emitter is the latest addition to Toro’s other BlueLine PC flow rates (0.42, 0.53, and 1.00 GPH).

Toro’s BlueLine dripline is a tremendous advancement in dripline irrigation technology. Its pressure-compensating emitters provide greater resistance to plugging and superior flow accuracy, while the hose is incredibly durable. Traditionally used on permanent crops, BlueLine PC dripline can be installed above ground, below ground, or hanging on a wire. Continue reading

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Drip Irrigation Supplies & System Components

Drip irrigation systems consist of emission devices serviced by a water distribution network that includes control zone equipment.  At the water source, water is controlled with automatic valves, sometimes amended with nutrients or chemicals, filtered and regulated at levels suitable Read the full article…

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Typical Drip Irrigation System Layout

The “Typical Drip Irrigation Layout” illustration has been developed to help those who are unfamiliar with drip irrigation understand basic drip irrigation system components and concepts. The drip irrigation layout illustration is organized into two halves. First, the “headworks” portion Read the full article…

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Drip Irrigation Emitters and Emission Devices

Emission devices vary according to their flow rate, hydraulic characteristics and wetting pattern.  The ideal emission device is durable (withstands outdoor conditions), resists clogging (large internal passageways, self-flushing), is insensitive to pressure variation that occurs as a result of slope Read the full article…

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AquaFlow 3.2 – Drip Irrigation Design Software UPDATE

The release of AquaFlow 3.2 is Toro’s latest update to its Drip Irrigation Design Software.   AquaFlow 3.2 now allows users to design multi-sloped telescoping sub-mains, and to choose between English or Spanish languages and English or metric units.  In addition, Read the full article…

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Closer Emitters Can Yield Better Results

Closely spaced drip tape emitters can enhance salt management for seed germination, leach salts in permanent crops, dilute soil salinity for salt-sensitive crops and manipulate the wetting pattern – all with less cost and more efficiency than widely spaced emitters. Read the full article…

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Weilmunster Farms, Parma, ID – Drip Irrigation Increases Yield for Idaho Farm

Drip Irrigation on HopsThe benefits of drip irrigation are easy to see at Weilmunster Farms in Parma, Idaho. After adopting drip technology, the farm increased its hops yields by 400 pounds per acre, which translated into increased revenues of $800 to $1,600 per acre.

Using Fewer Resources

Beyond the increased production, Weilmunster Farms cut water use in half, reduced fertilizer use substantially, and had fewer weeds because the water was targeted to the root zone. They also eliminated sidedressing and corrugating for rill irrigation, and discovered they could irrigate prior to harvest without concern for a dry down period. They’ve even reduced theft by eliminating siphon tubes. Continue reading

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