Drip Irrigation Payback Wizard

In as few as four steps, this drip systems wizard: Drip Irrigation Payback Wizard will quickly provide an estimate of how long it will take to recover the costs of investing in a drip irrigation system and estimate how many additional acres could be irrigated with the conserved water.

Click here to access the online Drip Irrigation Payback Wizard.

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5 Responses to Drip Irrigation Payback Wizard

  1. Nest says:

    I love drip irrigation but need a expert advise as i wish to invest in peanapple farming in a 127 acre farm. Mkonyi

    • torodriptips says:

      Hi, Mkony – We’d be happy to help. Would you mind letting us know where you are located (city, state, country)? That way I can direct your question to the appropriate drip irrigation expert. You can send us a direct message to driptips@toro.com, or you can submit a request via our “Ask an Expert” function on the right navigation.

      Thanks for contacting us.

  2. raghav sharan says:

    i need…………….

  3. Mark Arneson says:

    Corn/Bean farming near Inavale, Nebraska 68952. Water source is from mouth of Walnut Creek into Republican River.

    1. Concern for microbial buildup in tubing from water supply

    2. Should we drip irrigate level 240 acre bottom ground which is also sub-irrigated when river is elevated during irrigation season vs drip irrigate 240 ac hill farm(after approval from NRD).

    Best regards

    Mark Arneson Owner

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