Advantages of Drip Irrigation

Today it is more important than ever to use water resources wisely and to irrigate intelligently. Consequently, many farmers have turned to drip irrigation and have enjoyed improved profitability by increasing crop yield and quality while at the same time reducing costs from water, energy, labor, chemical inputs and water runoff. Many landscapers have also enjoyed significant water and capital investment savings using drip irrigation, while simultaneously improving plant vigor by delivering water and nutrients directly to the plant roots and avoiding unnecessary wetting of plant leaves.

Drip irrigation is the targeted, intelligent application of water, fertilizer, and chemicals that when used properly can provide great benefits, such as:

  • Increased revenue from increased yields
  • Increased revenue from increased quality
  • decreased water costs
  • decreased labor costs
  • decreased energy costs
  • decreased fertilizer costs
  • decreased pesticide costs
  • Improved environmental quality

Click here to learn more about the advantages of drip irrigation.

Click this link to learn more about the financial benefits of drip irrigation.


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5 Responses to Advantages of Drip Irrigation

  1. Richard McCarraher says:

    Hi guys,
    what a great site, very informative. I live in rural Norfolk in the UK, we dont usually have a problem with water shortages, (it never seems to stop raining) but we have had droughts even here.
    I often see large irrigation systems firing water into the atmosphere, and wondered why do we do this.
    I have used drip systems in my own garden and found them to be very efficient. I have recommended your site to many of my farming friends, hope they take your advice 🙂



    • torodriptips says:

      Thanks for the comment, Richard! Glad you found the site helpful. Feel free to stop by anytime and let us know what you think. Cheers!

  2. Eng simon, samwel says:

    nice to give us knowledge about irrigation drip

  3. I did not realize that farmers also use drip irrigation. My husband and I have just been looking at having drip irrigation installed for our flower beds. I can see how beneficial drip irrigation can really be financially and environmentally! Looks like it would be a great option for us. Thanks for sharing!

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